Professional Development

Creating Artistry Workshop
with Henry Leck and Darren Dailey

Friday through Sunday, May 4-6, 2018
First United Methodist Church


Friday, May 4th

Workshop: Introduction of Repertoire and Principles of Conducting

Workshop with Lab Choir

Vocal Warm-up

Master Class with Conductor Coaching

Workshop: Laban session

(Dinner included)

Saturday, May 5

Workshop: Analysis in Preparation for Performance

Workshop with Lab Choir: Master Class with Conductor Coaching*

Afternoon: Rehearsal for Sunday morning service

(Lunch included)

Sunday, May 6

Morning: Church service

Afternoon: Dalcroze Movement, Boy’s Changing Voice, Creating Artistry Reading session

(Lunch included)


*Master Class Participants will be sent the repertoire they will be conducting in advance. 

About Henry Leck

Founder and Conductor Laureate, Indianapolis Children's Choir • Professor Emeritus, Choral Music, Butler University • Distinguished Music Advisor, KI Concerts • Artistic Director, MFA National Choir Festival 


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Options for Participation:

MASTER CLASS PARTICIPANT ($230) limited to 18R (Register by 1/31 and Save 10%)

  • Attend all three days
  • Get 10 minutes of podium time to conduct for Mr. Leck
  • Private coaching session with Mr. Dailey

OBSERVERS (1-Day: $87; 3-Day: $210) (Register by 1/31 and Save 10%)

  • Attend all workshop activities
  • Will not conduct for Mr. Leck
  • You may choose a 1-day or 3-day option


Details and Registration

For more information:
Melissa Barnes, Program Manager
904.353.1636, x 6

“Music is such a valuable part of life. The way it enriches one’s life and encourages creativity, I do not believe anything else can do as much. We in Jacksonville are certainly blessed to have the Jacksonville Children’s Chorus.”

Scott C. Snyder, President, Compass Consulting Group

“It is gratifying the Jacksonville Children’s Chorus program covers so much of what is not available to children in the Duval Public Schools. The children who have an opportunity to participate in your Chorus are very fortunate to have this outstanding musical training available to them. The entire community benefits from your talent and that of the children.”

Dr. Frances B. Kinne, Chancellor Emeritus and Past President, Jacksonville University

“I was in the Jacksonville Children's Chorus in 1999-2002. It helped me to build long lasting friendships and a greater love for music. To this day I still remember the fun times and great concerts we did in the JCC. I think this organization is great for children of all ages, it helps build confidence and friendships.”

Bethany, Former Member

“The Chorus expands your musical horizons and helps you grow as a person. You are surrounded with other young people who have something in common…their love of music. I have learned that music does, indeed, bring people and cultures together. The music we sing brings people hope for a better future of understanding and cooperation.”

Jasmine, 16, Touring and Concert Choirs

“Through music and your leadership, these children learn to perform in different languages while experiencing the diversity of an array of world cultures. The understanding they gain will serve them well as they enter adulthood.”

R. Randall Onstead, former President/CEO of Winn-Dixie